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Why clean water matters
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Learn More About Water Quality & Treatment Options

Schedule a Certified Water Specialst from Sanatoga Water Conditioning to host an informational session on water quality, towards a particular concern of your group, water testing or just a Q&A session to the members of your group within your time frame and preferred date.


In these speaking engagements, you will get answers to and learn more about:

  • Why quality water is so important?
  • EPA standards for the various water systems?
  • What are the differences to consider between city water and well water?
  • What are the signs of poor water quality?
  • What should I test for to be sure my water is safe?
  • Concerns about pharmaceuticals, pesticides, PFO’s and other drinking water contaminants.

  • Facts about bottled water.
  • Is water treatment used in local businesses: for example, restaurants, coffee shops, hospitals, veterinary offices.

We also do Water Parties! Similar to a basket or kitchen accessory party, a Water Party is when a host invites their friends over to learn more about how a water treatment system can save them money and be a healthy solution for their family. Click here to learn more about hosting a Water Party...


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