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Sales And Rentals

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Not all homes get their water from the same source. Therefore, we will first consult with you and test your water for FREE! Depending on whether you have city water or well water, Sanatoga Water will explain the results from your water test and suggest the best water treatment equipment for your property and budget.

Do you have water treatment equipment that just isn’t working?

Let Sanatoga Water Conditioning come out and evaluate your water treatment system and know for sure.

  • Does it work?
  • Can it be repaired?
  • How much will it cost to fix?
  • Is this even the right system for me?
  • How much will it cost to replace it, if it can’t be repaired?

*Free estimates must be requested when scheduling a consultation. No repairs will be made on the spot.

What To Expect From A Consultation With Sanatoga Water Conditioning:

Typically, this appointment will take about an hour. Once complete, we’ll leave you to make your decision. We will never force a decision out of you before we leave. If you’d like to go ahead with our recommendations, simply call the office to schedule.

Water Analysis

Our basic test is FREE and it will discover many common problems.

Discuss Problems or Concerns

We’ll discuss with you any concerns that you have with your water and any problems found during the test. Please note that results for samples analyzed at the lab will take longer and those results will be discussed as they become available.


We’ll need to see where any equipment would be installed to take notes. We’ll also note any equipment that you currently have in place.

Recommendations: We’ll recommend equipment, if needed, to treat any issues with your water. If you already have treatment equipment, we’ll offer a no cost, no obligation evaluation and repair estimate on your current equipment.


we will provide you with a firm, fixed price for new equipment installations. Prices for service will vary depending on time and materials but we can give a close estimate.

Compare With The Big Box Stores Or Contractors
Our water treatment equipment is made to last. It’s not an appliance that you will have to replace every few years. As a matter of fact, better quality water from our equipment will expand the life span of your other appliances as well: dishwashers, water heaters and washing machines, as well as shower heads, pipes, and faucets.

Click here to compare Sanatoga Water Conditioning with plumbers, contractors and even the big box stores…

Let’s Do The Math!

When using Sanatoga Water Conditioning services you will be saving more – backed with warranties.


With a box store you’re getting:

  • Water Softener: $400 to $850
  • Installation Parts (plumbing fittings etc): $150-300
  • Installation Labor (plumber installed): $400-800


That’s $950 to $1950 for a basic water softener that’s meant to last 3 to 5 years!!

AND, don’t forget about a Warranty???

Sanatoga Water Conditioning

Compared to box stores you are getting:

  • Water Softener (depending on the results from your water test): range in price from $2099 – $3650


  • Installation, Parts, and Labor
  • Full Warranty on Equipment AND Labor!
  • Salt
  • Disposal of Old Unit at NO Charge
  • Follow Up Appointment to Check Settings and Installation

If buying just isn’t in the budget or you prefer to never have to worry about paying for a service call, a rental softener is the answer.

Rental water softeners start at roughly only $49/month. You probably spend more than that on coffee each month!

Your Neighbors Love Their Cleaner, Safer, Better Water!

Our dedication to our customers is continually rewarded with referrals and testimonials about our water quality solutions!

"Never disappoints! I've had two water tests conducted on my home. During the most recent John shared his knowledge and expertise on not only the Well tank pump that was in serious need of replacement but also options for my water softener. I never felt pressured to commit to something I didn't need. They made sure I had all the information and let me make a decision based on what made sense for me. Great experience from first call to final product!"

- Frederick S.

"We are new to the area and new to well water. We have used Sanatoga twice now - for routine maintenance and a water softener install. Juan is always on time and very attentive. We feel fortunate we have someone who cares about our house as if it were his own and a company we can count on in the years to come.
Thank you for excellent service!"

- John D.

"We have used Sanatoga Water Conditioning as a residential client as well as for our business customers for several years now. I could not be more happy with the customer service and professionalism that they provide. I always get a cheerful and helpful person on the other end of the line when I call the office, and the technicians who installed our water treatment system were clean, professional and answered all of my questions. I can definitely recommend Sanatoga, 5 Stars."

- Lori N.