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Public Water

Pennsylvania Public Water Information

Approximately 85% of the U.S. population receives its water from community water systems. A typical American uses 80-100 gallons of water every day. If that sounds like a lot, consider that the total includes not just drinking water, but also the water used for washing – showers, hands, dishes, clothing – watering lawns, and waste disposal.

Although community water systems are required to meet the standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), these standards may not filter out enough to prevent health side effects including skin, hair and responsiveness to medications OR prevent build-up and degradation of water-related appliances including water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. Not to mention, the network of pipes and pumps are aging and degrading which can affect the water quality before reaching the tap.

Water Treatment Equipment

for Municipal Water

Water treatment equipment for municipal water in Pennsylvania

Sanatoga Water Conditioning understands these concerns and has solutions to improve the water quality above and beyond the EPA standards.

We will test your water and suggest the best water treatment equipment for your water quality concerns, including:


  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Systems
  • Pressure Boosting Pumps

How Does the Water Get Into

Your Home or Business?

How water gets into your home and or business.

Typically, pipes bring the water supply from a facility that treats the water to your home or business. A well-built and maintained distribution system of pipes helps ensure its quality.

The water we consume and use every day comes from two main sources: groundwater and surface water.

  • Groundwater: When rainwater or melting snow seeps into the ground, it collects in underground pockets called aquifers, which store the groundwater and form the water table. Groundwater usually comes from aquifers through a drilled well or natural spring.
  • Surface Water: Surface water flows through or collects in streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and oceans — not underground like groundwater. Surface water can be beautiful, even pristine looking, but most of it isn’t directly fit for drinking.

Raw and untreated water is obtained from an underground aquifer (usually through wells) or from a surface water source, such as a lake or river. It is pumped, or flows, to a treatment facility. Once there, the water is pre-treated to remove debris such as leaves and silt. Then, a sequence of treatment processes — including filtration and disinfection with chemicals or physical processes — eliminates disease causing microorganisms.

When the treatment is complete, water flows out into the community through a network of pipes and pumps that are commonly referred to as the distribution system.

Unless you have your own well, you likely have to pay something for the water you use. A typical U.S. household pays about $1.50 per 1,000 gallons, or $0.0015 per gallon. For a family of four using 100 gallons per person each day, that adds up to about $18 per month. A water treatment system can save you money on more than just your bills. Click the button below to learn more…

Your Neighbors Love Their Cleaner, Safer, Better Water!

Our dedication to our customers is continually rewarded with referrals and testimonials about our water quality solutions!

"Never disappoints! I've had two water tests conducted on my home. During the most recent John shared his knowledge and expertise on not only the Well tank pump that was in serious need of replacement but also options for my water softener. I never felt pressured to commit to something I didn't need. They made sure I had all the information and let me make a decision based on what made sense for me. Great experience from first call to final product!"

- Frederick S.

"We are new to the area and new to well water. We have used Sanatoga twice now - for routine maintenance and a water softener install. Juan is always on time and very attentive. We feel fortunate we have someone who cares about our house as if it were his own and a company we can count on in the years to come.
Thank you for excellent service!"

- John D.

"We have used Sanatoga Water Conditioning as a residential client as well as for our business customers for several years now. I could not be more happy with the customer service and professionalism that they provide. I always get a cheerful and helpful person on the other end of the line when I call the office, and the technicians who installed our water treatment system were clean, professional and answered all of my questions. I can definitely recommend Sanatoga, 5 Stars."

- Lori N.