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Why clean water matters
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PFC in Water

What are PFCs or Perfluorinated Compounds?

PFCs are manmade fully fluorinated compounds which are not naturally found in the environment.


Why are PFCs Harmful?

After oral exposure, PFCs accumulate and adsorb in the serum, kidney, and liver. They are resistant to direct oxidation, photolytic degradation, biodegradation and air stripping/ vapor extraction, making their removal difficult.

What is the Solution?

Since each water source contains different combinations and levels of PFCs, as well as TOCs, it is advised that a lab or pilot test be performed on a representative water sample to determine the adsorption zone needed, as well as the estimated carbon exhaustion rate to properly design an activated carbon adsorption system.


How Do You Know If You Have PFCs In Your Water?


42835811_ml.jpgIf you don’t trust your water supply, and don’t want to wait for action from the EPA, DEP or other agency to ensure your water is safe for your family, we have in home proven treatment options for sale or rent to address your concerns. 



Sanatoga Water Conditioning offers one year, same as cash, financing or the option to rent water treatment equipment, which allows you to have a low monthly investment and the ability to return the units once the problem is resolved to your satisfaction.


How Much Will It Cost for Testing or a Water Treatment System?


Testing for PFC’s in water:  $450

System cost: $1499 plus tax - includes installation and plumbing, removal of old unit (if applicable) and warranty. Click here for product and pricing information...

Rental option: $300 installation fee, plus $69 per month -  includes annual rebed and rotation of the tank.


RO Reverse Osmosis FilterGo a Step Further and Get Bottled Water Quality at Your Tap

Install a Reverse Osmosis Treatment System (RO Water) as the final barrier treatment solution to your water quality problems.

System cost: $849 plus tax - includes equipment, installation under sink or basement, removal of old unit (if applicable) and warranty. Click here for product and pricing information...

Rental option: $250 installation fee, plus $20 per month - includes annual filter changes if done at same time as carbon filter change outs.