Quartz Sleeve Replacement Cleaning


ALWAYS consult with Sanatoga Water Conditioning before self-service for proper procedures.

Quartz Sleeve Replacement Cleaning

  • Remove the lamp.


  • Shut off the water supply and drain all lines.


  • Remove lowest connection on the disinfection system and drain the UV chamber (use a smell bucket under the unit to prevent a spill) Note: on S12Q-PA and SSM-39 systems, the reactor is provided with a ¼” drain port. On this system simply remove the drain plug and allow water to drain into a bucket.


  • Remove aluminum gland nuts from the chamber, checking for the free-floating spring inside sleeve at opposite end to the lamp connection (do not allow quartz sleeve to fall).


  • Carefully remove the o rings from the quartz sleeve. As the o ring may tend to adhere to the quartz sleeve, it is recommended to replace the O rings annually.


  • Clean the outside of the quartz sleeve with a cloth soaked in CLR, vinegar or some other mild acid and then rinse.


  • Re-assemble the quartz sleeve with spring in the UV chamber allowing the sleeve to protrude an equal distance from both ends of the UV chamber.


  • Wet the o rings and slide onto each end of the quartz sleeve and reassemble the gland nuts (hand tight is sufficient).


  • Re-tighten all connections, turn on the water and check for leaks.


  • Plug in ballast and verify the POWER-ON LED is illuminated and ballast power-up sequence operates.


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      Newer water softeners and acid neutralizers have the bypass built into the back of the control valve.

      Below you will find instructions on how to operate your water valves in the event of an emergency.

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