Personalized Water

Personalized Water  |  But isn’t H2O just water?

The importance of water to living beings is undeniable. However, what is argued is that all water is the same. IT’S NOT! The unique “chemistry” of water is recognized by more than just water quality specialists:


Coffee Shops: The consistent taste of Starbucks coffee is due to the water filters they use.

  • Other Beverages: From sodas to distilleries, the type of water (filtered) and where it is sourced geographically is an integral part of the branded flavors.
  • Health Care Providers: The quality of water is essential to patient treatment (hydrotherapy) and hygiene of equipment (washing surgical tools).
  • Car Wash: Filtered water is important to owners of a car wash business because hard water can cause spots, prevent soap from lathering and cause buildup of scale on plumbing equipment and fixtures.
  • Weight Loss: Studies have proven that drinking water can boost your metabolic rate by up to 30%.
  • Pets: Dogs and cats need filtered water too because municipal and well water can contain many harmful particles including parasites that can affect your pet’s health. Sometimes they can even sense when there are impurities in the water.


How can you “personalize” your water?

Water treatment experts will tell you that water quality differs by geographic location and our unique biology which is why having a certified water quality expert test your water and consult with you about your unique needs.



  • Pennsylvania versus Texas
  • Inland versus coastal
  • City versus rural
  • Infrastructure of older cities versus new construction/developments


  • Skin conditions
  • Blood pressure
  • Vision (contacts)
  • Arthritis / joint pain
  • Dry / brittle hair


What’s the difference between spring water, purified water and your tap water?

  • Purified water comes from any source while spring water comes from an underground source.
  • The quality of spring water may be less than purified water because it is often accessed through a well and may or may not go through the more stringent filtering and treatment processes to sift away impurities (as does purified water).
  • Spring water has a “sweeter” taste because it has more minerals, which is why many bottling companies add minerals to their purified water for taste.
  • Your tap water is “treated” by either a municipal water treatment plant or from your well; most similar to spring water, neither municipal nor well water filters everything that purified water filters nor adds minerals to your water unless you have added water treatment equipment between the pipes and your faucet.

Testing = Personalization

Contact a water treatment specialist like Sanatoga Water Conditioning to test your water and interview you in order to provide a “personalized” water solution. Schedule your “Personalized Water Test” today!

chlorine and hardness!

Plus, you can SAVE MONEY on cleaning supplies, appliance repairs and replacing clothes and other fabrics.

Contact Sanatoga Water Conditioning for your FREE water test and customized water treatment solution.

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