Neutralizer Service R 502


ALWAYS consult with Sanatoga Water Conditioning before self-service for proper procedures.

Neutralizer Service R 502

Read below to self-diagnose the problem OR call (484) 524-5802 to reach the technician on call.

  • Determine if water is being used in the house and if so, ask if it can be shut off or bypass the unit if possible. You may not want to do this in high iron situations.


  • Shut off water into and out of the unit.


  • Relieve the built-up pressure in the unit by placing the valve in backwash mode. Once the pressure is relieved, return the valve to normal service position.


  • Remove the access cap.


  • Measure the level of neutralizer material in the tank in relation to the top of the tank. Maximum fill height is typically 13-14” from the top.


  • Siphon out the appropriate amount of water to allow room to add neutralizer material. (Typically, about 2/3 of the volume of material you plan on adding.) For example, if you plan on adding a full bucket of R-502, siphon about 2/3 bucket of water out. Siphon off about ½”-1” of old neutralizer material as well.


  • Add neutralizer material to the desired level. (Typically, 13-14” from the top) Check as often as necessary with tape measure to get accurate level. Avoid overfilling as this will waste material and possibly clog drain lines.


  • Put valve into the backwash position again.


  • Open the inlet valve and fill the tank up to the level of the fill hole, close valve.


  • Return valve into the service position again.


  • Reinstall access cap.


  • Re-pressurize the unit.


  • If more than ¼ cuft of material has been added, allow 5 minutes for material to become saturated, and then put the unit into an immediate regeneration. If less than ¼ cuft has been added, set the unit to regenerate that night. This prevents the finer particles from working their way down into the tank and causing pressure drop.


  • Check timer and reset if necessary.


  • Close bypass valve, open outlet valve to restore water to the house.


Generally, 1 bag will add 3-4” in a 12 or 13” tank.


We offer 24 hour emergency service. Call (484) 524-5802 for the technician on call.
If you would like to bypass your equipment, please read below for step-by-step instructions. If successful, you’ll be able to schedule your service appointment in the normal schedule and save money.

Newer water softeners and acid neutralizers have the bypass built into the back of the control valve.

Below you will find instructions on how to operate your water valves in the event of an emergency.

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