WOW RO Filter Replacement Procedure


ALWAYS consult with Sanatoga Water Conditioning before self-service for proper procedures.

WOW RO Filter Replacement Procedure

Changing the Filter Cartridges (PRE, RO, POST)

(Refer to Installation)


  • Open RO faucet for a glass of water and close.
  • Turn system feed off and wait for 20 seconds.
  • The system has now been depressurized for a safe removal of the cartridges.
  • Towels should be placed under the system first.
  • Remove cartridges with a clockwise upward twist.


  • Remove red cap from top of filter cart rid ge.
  • With a black permanent marker, write the date on each filter to track replacement time. Filters last up to a year in most cases.
  • Pre-fill filter cartridges with bottled water or tap water.
  • Attach post-filter in the labeled POST position, RO-Filter in the labeled RO position and the pre-filter in the labeled PRE position, with a twisting counter clockwise  upward motion until you feel and hear stop tabs touch (see Figure 15).

Note: Make sure your cartridges are inserted completely!

Figure 15:  Changing Filters

Recommended Filter Replacement

The frequency in which the membrane and filters should be replaced depends upon the quality of the water that enters the appliance. Contact your WOW Water specialist or visit for replacement filters and parts.

Note: The installation of the WOW RO System appliance on a pre-treated water supply will greatly increase the life of its filters.

Note: Any filter that demonstrates reduced water production or a slower rate of flow is overdue for a change.

Warning: Shut off water to the appliance before beginning any maintenance.


Replacement Sediment/Carbon Pre-Filter (RED) Part # 20-201-001    –    6-12 months

Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membrane (GREEN) Part # 20-250-001    –    12-24 months

Replacement Carbon Post-Filter (BLUE) Part # 20-202-001    –    6-12 months


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