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Why clean water matters
Signs of bad water
Solution for clean water

Water Treatment Equipment

There are many solutions to water quality problems. Below are the most common water treatment equipment we install:


RO-faucetReverse Osmosis (RO)

What is a Reverse Osmosis System?

RO water is recommended for drinking and cooking, even if you have a water softener in your home or business. A reverse osmosis system can eliminate even more contaminants giving you purified water at your tap. It is compact in size and can be easily installed under your kitchen sink. They can also be installed in the basement, to your ice maker in your refrigerator AND for pet bowls.

RO water filters will also save you money on buying water bottles and gallons at the grocery store as well as water bottle delivery.

RO under the sink

How does a Reverse Osmosis System work?

The process works by forcing water under great pressure against a semi-permeable membrane, where water molecules form a barrier that allows other water molecules to pass through while excluding most contaminants. Maintenance involves the replacement of the RO membrane cartridge every two or three years and the carbon and sediment pre-filters every six to twelve months. RO also incorporates an activated carbon filter, which can provide added treatment for the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) not treated by the membrane itself.

promate_6.0 water softener-hellenbrand.pngWater Softener

How do I know I need a water softener?

When you notice bad water signs around your home or business, it is time to call Sanatoga Water Conditioning for a FREE water test on your tap water. If the results show that your water has hardness minerals that are more than 1.0 GPG (17.1 mg/L), you will need to install a water softener.

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How expensive is a water softener?

Installting a water softener is about the cost of an appliance and definitly not as expensive as an air conditioner. You will definitly see savings in your everyday expenses on cleaning supplies, replacing worn out clothes, energy bills on hot water and even the health benefits make the investment into a water softener worth it.

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shower.jpgPressure Boosting Tanks

Do you want more water pressure in your showers?

Who wouldn’t like a constant 50 or more pounds of pressure in their house all the time? Sanatoga Water Conditioning has an affordable pressure boosting pump that will maintain a constant pressure in your home, either installed before or after your water treatment equipment. And it will even work on public water where people are at the end of the run or higher up on a hill where they don’t have great pressure.