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Reverse Osmosis Filter Changing Procedure

  1. Shut Off The Water Going Into The RO. ( Typically the Right Hand Side Of Unit)
  2. Shut Off The Valve On Top Of The Holding Tank.
  3. Open The Ro Faucet To Relieve Pressure. Shut Off The Faucet When Water Stops Flowing.
  4. Unscrew The Housings, Rinse Them Out And Make Sure The “O” Rings Are Clean. Replace The Filters. (Typically Right To Left- 5 Micron, 1 Micron, Carbon Block)
  5. At This Point If You Want To Check The Pressure In The Tank, You Can Do So By Draining All Of The Water From It And Check Pressure With A Pressure Gauge. It Should Be Around 8 Lbs.
  6. Turn All Valves Back On.