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Why clean water matters
Signs of bad water
Solution for clean water

No Water?

?   Check the gauge at the pressure tank.  If it is properly functioning, it should generally be reading anywhere from 20 to 60 psi.


?   If the pressure gauge is reading 0, check the circuit breakers/ fuses.  Sometimes a breaker may appear to be on but is actually tripped.  Turn the breaker off, and then back on.


?   Put a hose on the valve at the bottom of the pressure tank and run water.  If you get at least 5 gallons of water under pressure here, then the problem is most likely not in the well but in the plumbing


?   If the pressure comes back on by itself, and there are wide swings in the pressure in the house, then the switch and/ or nipple leading to the switch is/are most likely clogged.


?   If you get no water at the bottom of the pressure tank, carefully remove the cover to the pressure switch and see if the contacts are closed.


?   If you have a multimeter, carefully check for voltage on each of the 4 legs of the switch.


?   If the contacts are closed and there is voltage on each of the 4 legs of the switch, then the problem is either in the well pump itself or the pump control box mounted on the wall nearby


?   Pump control boxes have a capacitor in them, and they will blow if there is a well pump problem.  Just replacing the pump control box will not necessarily solve the problem.


?   If you have pressure at the pressure tank, and you have water treatment equipment, bypass the equipment one piece at a time to possibly figure out if one of the units is causing the problem. 


?   If there is a cartridge type filter in line, investigate that first, even though it may not appear dirty.


?   If you have a well issue, is it possible to connect a garden hose from your neighbor’s house to yours so you have water until we can get out there and solve the issue?  Will need a female by female hose (i.e. washing machine hose) or adapter to do this since both hose bibs are male and a garden hose is male and female.


If you don’t feel comfortable checking out these items, or have checked them out and still have an issue, give us a call.  

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