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Feed Pump Solution Mixes (R-110)

**It is recommended to periodically rinse out the solution tank of all dirt and un-dissolved material. Always use a full bag of R-110- there are 2 ingredients in the bag and they are not mixed.** 

  1. Unplug the feed pump
  2. Remove the lid
  3. Remove the suction line from the tank
  4. You will be adding water to the tank while also sifting in the R-110
    1. Some helpful hints:
      1. It is better to used treated water (i.e. through a water softener, filter, etc.) to dissolve the powder
      2. The more turbulent the water, the better the R-110 will mix. We use a garden hose nozzle.
        1. Warm or hot water will dissolve the mix better.
        2. You can use a mixing attachment for a drill such as is used to mix large buckets of paint- (Please be careful when using electrical items around water!) or use an old piece of pipe as a stirring stick.
  5. Do not pour R-110 into the tank too fast, it will settle to the bottom and solidify. It is best to “sift” or “sprinkle” it into the water gradually.
  6. After making the mix, return the suction line to the tank and put the lid back on the tank.
  7. Wait about 1 hour for all of the air to dissipate from the tank before plugging the pump back in- this will prevent air from getting into the pump head and causing the pump to lose prime.
  8. Wait a day and check the pH. Adjust the pump if necessary.
  9. A pH of about 7.5 is recommended. Do not allow the pH to go below 7.0 or above 8.0.