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Why clean water matters
Signs of bad water
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Guide to Purchasing Water Treatment

Consider this- this water is going into your body, you are cooking with it, bathing in it, drinking it, making baby formula, juice, tea, coffee, washing your clothing and dishes in it.  Shouldn’t it be the best water you can get?
Only a water treatment professional- someone whose only job it to test your water, recommend the right equipment for the job, provide that equipment and follow up with proper installation, maintenance and service, is fully qualified to earn your trust.
Choose a company where water treatment is their only business, not a sideline.
  • Is the staff certified? 
  • Are the products and components NSF approved? 
  • Are they using quality components or lower grade ones so they can sell at a lower price? 
  • How long has the company been in business? 
  • What are the service rates? 
  • What is the service response time?  Will they work around your schedule or do you have to conform to theirs? 
  • What if you have an emergency?  Do they have 24/7/365 availability?  Your water system is working 24 hours a day, even when you’re not using it, so things can go wrong at any time. 
  • What is the average lifespan of the equipment you are considering?  What may appear more expensive in the beginning may actually cost less over the life of the product. 
  • What is the installation cost? 
  • What is the warranty? Is it Parts only?  Is Labor included?  For how long? What are the restrictions on the “limited” warranty? 
  • Is there a store where you can go to pick up routine maintenance supplies? 
  • Is testing done on site?  By a certified lab?  Or sent off to an unknown place? 
  • Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau and are there any unresolved issues? Go to www.BBB.org to investigate. 
  • Are they properly insured? If they use subcontractors, are they properly insured? 
  • Are they listed as a registered contractor with the Attorney General's office in PA? www.attorneygeneral.gov