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Why clean water matters
Signs of bad water
Solution for clean water

Chlorination of UV with a Pre-Filter

  1. Fill A Bucket With Water For Rinsing
  2. Turn Off Valves Before And After Filter
  3. Release Pressure From Filter By Pushing Down On Pressure Relief Button On Top Of Filter Housing
  4. Unscrew Filter Housing
  5. Remove Old Filter And Rinse Out Housing
  6. Be Careful Not To Lose Black O Ring
  7. Be Sure O Ring And Part Of Filter Top Where O Ring Seals Is Clean
  8. Fill Housing About ½ Full Of Standard Household Bleach
  9. Screw Housing To Filter Top
  10. Open In And Out Valves
  11. Run Each Cold Water Faucet In House, (One At A Time), Until You Smell The Bleach, Then Turn It Off
  12. Run Hot Water Until You Feel Bleach Has Been Pulled Into The Water Heater
  13. Close In And Out Valves
  14. Repeat Steps 3-7
  15. Put New Filter In Housing
  16. Tighten Housing
  17. Open Valves