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Signs Your Water May Be Bad...

42835811_ml.jpgSymptoms of common water problems include the following:



red bad water text bullet.png stains: brownish stains, bathtub ring, blue or blue-green stains


red bad water text bullet.png poor water pressure


red bad water text bullet.png unclear water:cloudy water, particles in water


red bad water text bullet.png odor in water


red bad water text bullet.png bad-tasting water


red bad water text bullet.png white build-up



The signs of hard water are more difficult to spot, but include hair (more frequent fading of treated hair color), drier skin and eyes (including infections from cleaning contact lenses), increased wearing of fabrics, shorter life of appliances that use water, and increased use of soaps and detergents, among other things. Unfortunately, some very serious water problems - such as bacteria and volatile organic compounds - have no physical symptoms at all.



The solutions to many of these are simple and inexpensive. Please contact us for your free water test . If you have any water treatment equipment already, we offer a no cost, no obligation evaluation of your current equipment.


Please use our site to learn about common signs of water problems and their culprits. You may also wish to familiarize yourself with some water conditioning solutions and equipment for solving these problems. If anything is unclear, try our glossary - or simply contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to help you educate yourself.


Also, don't miss out on your free water test and no cost, no obligation evaluation of your current equipment (if you have any).


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